• Tipi Rental

    Tipi Rental

    Looking for a get fun get away?  Come on over and check out Spirit Lodge! At tipi available for rental for that special little get away!

    Call 25423-1171 with questions!

  • 2016 Journey to Bethlehem

    2016 Journey to Bethlehem

    Journey to Bethlehem…

    Join us for a night under the stars!  Journey with the shepherds to sign the census in Bethlehem, on your way meet wise men from afar, see angels proclaim the good news, and visit Mary and Joseph and their new-born baby in the manger.

    There will be blazing fires in the market place to keep you warn, marshmallows to roast, hot cocoa and cider, chicken chili, and vendors for that perfect handmade Christmas present!

    Create a new tradition this year, one filled with the true meaning of Christmas!

    Only $5 per car!  Enter property from the Briar Cliff circle entrance, just off of Leesville Road.

    December 16th and 17th from 6pm-9pm!

    If rain or snow event will be canceled.  Call 434-363-6088 for details!

  • Spirit Lake

    Spirit Lake

    The Pond is open for Fishing BUT… PLEASE follow the following and ALL posted RULES!   Fishing in the pond is open Day light hours only!  NO ONE is allowed on the property after DARK!  Children 15 and under and those who accompany them as well as those over 65!   Please DO NOT fish the pond here with a child or you WILL be asked to leave!!  Complete a Waiver each year and sign in each visit before fishing!   Documents can be left in the ORANGE Mail Box    CATCH and RELEASE ONLY!!!    Anyone caught keeping fish will asked to leave and NOT be permitted to Return!!      NO SMOKING, NO DRUGS, NO ALCOHOL, NO FOUL LANGUAGE!    Donations are always welcome!  THANKS!




  • Horse Leasing

    Horse Leasing

     Just like owning your own horse at a fraction of the cost!  No Vet Bills, No Farrier Bills, No Feed Bills, No Boarding Fees, No tack to purchase,  No training, No maintenance!!!    …just LOVE a horse and enjoy!!

    We have three great priced packages available to you.

    $100 = 4 (3) hour sessions per month.

    $150 = 8 (3) hour sessions per month!

    $200 = 12 (3) hour sessions per month!

    Email or call us for more information and the application to this great adventure of a dream come true for you and your family!

Welcome to One Body In Christ Ministries!

pano of the pond

 OBIC Ministries welcomes you!  Come and discover our adventurous, playful, loving, peaceful, joyful, wild, fierce, and extravagantly generous God!

Here you will see and be in awe of magnificent horses. Then you can hold a soft, fluffy bunny in your arms and feel its whiskers tickle your hands in search for carrots. You can feel the tug of a giant catfish on the end of your fishing pole. Then take a hike on our trails where you will find Scripture and streams and have a peaceful prayer time with God.

  You could find yourself playing soccer, football, lacrosse, or baseball on our fields. Or maybe a cookout at the pavilion followed by some lakeside volleyball; or perhaps a bonfire to enjoy s’mores and fellowship with friends and family. Where ever you choose to play or rest or adventure you will be sure to encounter the presence of God!

Our Webpage is set up to give you up to date information on our facilities and property. We hope that you will enjoy getting to know what OBIC, One Body In Christ, is all about.fluffy bunnies